Koinbazar Rebrands to KoinBX: Global Crypto Exchange for Trading & Investing

• Koinbazar, a global crypto exchange, is rebranding to “KoinBX” on February 19, 2023.
• The new look of the platform is meant to reflect upcoming features and create a new identity.
• KoinBX will provide top-notch service with commitment to its users in order to overcome concerns faced by traditional crypto traders.

KionBazar Rebrands To KoinBX

Koinbazar, a global cryptocurrency exchange where traders can buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies in an authentic, reliable and encrypted class of system is undergoing a major rebranding. On February 19th 2023 the project will be rebranded to “KoinBX” in order to facilitate entry of crypto projects and traders into the platform while also creating a new identity for the platform.

Commitment To Users

The team at KoinBX has committed themselves to provide their users with top-notch quality services with heartfelt commitment from all around the world. As a centralized exchange, security protocols have been integrated into the system in order to guarantee safety and security for all users’ data and funds.

Fraud Check & Regulatory Compliance

In order for KoinBX to accomplish anything they must respect regulatory compliance as well as safeguard customers’ interests through proper fraud check procedures. Through this process KoinBX promises not to let any promising Crypto startup fade out while also being ready onboard millions of users worldwide into Crypto through its revamped platform.

New Features

While there are billions of people in the world utilizing different Cryptocurrencies and exchanges, KoinBX will be introducing many new features such as improved user interface design and enhanced trading experience that were not available with traditional exchanges priorly.


Koinbazar has now undergone their rebranding process which was done so that they may better serve their users by providing them with great quality services as well as safe trading experiences without compromising customer interests or regulatory compliance standards set forth by law enforcement agencies worldwide

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