Binance Adjusts Tron (TRX) Network Fees: 15 TRX for Withdrawals

• Binance will adjust the TRON Network Withdrawal Fees in accordance with the most recent proposal accepted by the TRX community to switch the energy charging system to a dynamic energy model.
• The withdrawal fees have been increased from 1 to 2.6 units for USDT /USDC /TUSD and 0.8 BUSD to 2.2 BUSD for Binance stable coin, while 15 TRX instead of 1 TRX is required for TRX withdrawal.
• Prior to this, Binance wallet maintenance was done on the Tron Network (TRX) which took about two hours.

Binance Adjusts Tron (TRX) Network Withdrawal Fees

Binance recently announced an adjustment in withdrawal fees on its Tron Network (TRX). This change follows proposal 83 that was approved by the TRX community in order to switch from an energy charging system to a dynamic energy model.

Changes To Different Assets

The new fee structure applies differently to different assets: USDT /USDC /TUSD withdrawal fees have been increased from 1 unit to 2.6 units, while the charges for withdrawing Binance stablecoins have been changed from 0.8 BUSD to 2.2 BUSD. For TRX withdrawals, users must now pay 15 TRX instead of just 1 TRX previously.

Dynamic Energy Model Explained

The dynamic energy model is a strategy put out by the community which adjusts future contract energy use based on current usage or TIP-491 – avoiding excessive network resources being concentrated on few contracts and making resource allocation more reasonable across chains over time.

Prior Wallet Maintenance On Tron Network

Before these changes were implemented, there was a wallet maintenance for Tron Network (TRX) which took about two hours and allowed users to access their funds after it was completed successfully .


The new changes are expected improve user experience on the platform as well as ensure better management of resources available on the chain and optimize overall performance of transactions going forward

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